What is the goal of the BlockRx Project?

The goal of the BlockRx project is simple. Improve the underlying processes in the Pharma
Industry by leveraging Blockchain technology in order to bring lifesaving medications to the Global marketplace faster and cheaper.

 What is the Blockchain?

The Blockchain is an electronic public ledger which records dig
ital registry and asset transactions. The Blockchain can also be used as a ledgerfor audit and tracking progress. The Blockchain is a very secure tool leveraging encryption keys, algorithms and electronic wallets. As a registry, the Blockchain is the next generation technology that ultimately all retailers, financial institutions, government agencies and business will utilize to support their operations.

Why the Blockchain?

The Blockchain has a capacity to function as an open and extensible platform with Peer to Peer technology leveraging a distributed model, in which multiple public copies of a shared single ledger are constantly evaluated to prevent fraud or error offering a high degree of security. Because the Blockchain is Decentralized, its extreme divisibility and its ability to verify transactions without third parties, you end up with a system where engaging in exchanges of digital assets becomes nearly as simple as tweeting or texting.